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Poison Oak & Ivy War Stories EP 1: Bobbilee Hartman - 3 Minute Read

Poison Oak & Ivy War Stories EP 1: Bobbilee Hartman - 3 Minute Read
Bobbilee Hartman is the founder of Lodged Out, where they plan vacations and group retreats with a focus on getting outside, off your phone, and away.

 More information about Lodged Out at the bottom of this page.

Here’s Bobbilee’s top rated poison oak/ivy episode. 

Bobbilee’s Poison Ivy War Story:

One day, I was fed up with these small trees/large bushes on the side of the small cliff that was blocking our view of the Mississippi River. I decided to just go at it with a weed cutter for a few hours. During those few hours, I must have accidentally wiped my face to move my hair out of the way. 

Fast forward a couple days to a long work trip to Colorado. It first started when I was in a meeting - all of a sudden feeling my face subtly change texture. By the end of that day, I felt like I was dying.  

It then spread to my arms and stomach. I was traveling alone, staying in hotels/Airbnbs, and it was just awful. I was panicking and waited outside a closed pharmacy in Boulder that said it was open for 24 hours. I cried in my car because I couldn't sleep. 

 On top of the sleepless nights due to the pain of the rash, I was stressed out for other reasons. I was hosting my biggest event of the year in a few days, and then 10 days after that event, I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding. Luckily it healed (for the most part) and I was still in the wedding, and didn’t stand out like David Bowie in the wedding photos. 


My mindset-switch did it for me. The night, while crying in my car because I couldn’t sleep, I called my friend. He simply said, "You know you're going to be okay, right? Your body is always healing and knows exactly what to do.” From that moment, I was able to switch my mindset, drive home, and quickly fall asleep. Then my body went into a healing phase and the swelling reduced.


More About Lodged Out:

Lodged Out is an unplugged and outdoorsy travel agency. 

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